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What does a graphic designer do?

WHy use a graphic designer?

About me

I am an experienced freelance graphic designer who works with both web and print based projects. Thirteen years ago I started dabbling in graphic software like Photoshop, Bryce, and Poser. In 2011, I received my Bachelor's in Graphic Design from the Art Institute, officially marking what was once a hobby, as a career.


Today I am still freelancing for clients from varied industries. I do prefer corporate design because of the controlled medium, but my style is not limited to just that.  I enjoy working with text/type placement, too.  What I use on a daily basis is Illustrator and Photoshop, but Muse has been the latest software I am experimenting with. In fact, I created this site with Muse.



Graphic design is a form of  communication using shapes, colors, images, and text. In other words, it is visual expression with a purpose. The key word here is "purpose", because this is how graphic design differs from fine art.  Often fine art can find its way into graphic design, but they are two separate entities.


Graphic designers are the facilitators of this creative communication process.  We deliver messages, emotions, and information in a visually consumable form.


We work on both printed and digital material, from logos to web banners, marketing collateral to entire web sites.

That label on your wine bottle?  The little brand tags on the clothing you just purchased? The oversized ads on buses? Billboards? The goofy web banner you just clicked on?


All made by graphic designers, and all designed with a purpose.




 "Why should I use a graphic designer?" - is something I hear after people visit large online printing companies where you can customize anything from business cards to apparel.


Let me put it this way; if you have a leak in your basement, do you have one conversation with a home repair expert at one of those big box stores, and then go home with a can of "fix-it" and call it a day? When your roof leaks, do you watch a You Tube video, proclaim yourself sufficiently educated, grab your ladder and go to work?


The answer should be a  resounding "No" (hopefully because you should care about your personal safety and calling yourself an expert after a few You Tube videos is ridiculous)!  As much as everyone thinks they are 'artistic'; trust me, they are not.


Granted, art and design are subjective. Not everyone can accept another person's artistic concept.


This is where graphic designers come into play. You may think you know what looks good, but we already know.  We aren't just guessing and clicking random things experimentally because we usually know how to best to communicate with our audience - visually.




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